Diesel Dyes, Petroleum Dyes for fuel theft

Dye Depot Diesel Dye

Fuel theft has become a global issue. With the rising crude oil index and the high rate of duty on fuel, the increase in fuel theft has become an issue thought-out the European union. While margins are being squeezed outside sources see the transportation industry as an easy target and theft has been on the increase year on year.

This product will allow you to dye all of your petroleum based products and will allow easily traceable fuel. This is a liquid dye that will colour all fuels blue.

In addition employees will no longer be able to use your petroleum based products for their personal gain, with a ratio of 40,000 to 1 you are assured of quality on a product developed solely for Dye Depot.

What is diesel theft costing you?

Diesel stolen per week:   Litres
Current price of diesel: £
Cost per week: £
Cost per year: £

About Us

The company's management has been involved with the transport industry throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world, offering transportation fuel logistics in the form of competitive fuel transportation and transportation security products.

Here at Dye Depot we have, for a number of years, offered a product that has been formulated only for fuel. You can therefore rest assured that you will be dyeing all of your diesel and petrol with a product that was specifically developed for this purpose. If you require dyes for any other products, then sorry we cannot help.

There are other companies offering fuel marking products, however, some companies offer commercial inks as diesel dyeing products. Be careful, as using a commercial ink may well cause fuel blockage, diesel pump failure, and unusual smoking etc.