Diesel Dyes, Petroleum Dyes for fuel theft

Say Goodbye to Fuel Theft!

In 2014, the Forecourt Crime Statistics Survey showed that fuel theft costs fuel retailers £31.4m an increase of 28% from 2012. Losses incurred due to NMOP (no means of payment) have more than doubled and drive-offs has shown an increase of 6.8%. The average loss for each service station in the United Kingdom was pegged at £3,600.

But this is not just a problem in the UK. Fuel theft is a global issue and the rising crude oil index, combined with the high rate of tax on fuel has made fuel theft a prevalent problem across the European union.

How Fuel Theft is Affecting Your Business

If your company’s fleet is being targeted by thieves when your vehicles are left unattended or even by unscrupulous employees looking to save money on their gasoline, then it’s going to hurt the financial side of your business.

But unfortunately, you simply cannot throw unsubstantiated accusations at people you suspect of stealing from you.

And this is where we can help.

What is diesel theft costing you?

Diesel stolen per week:   Litres
Current price of diesel: £
Cost per week: £
Cost per year: £

About Us

At DYE DEPOT, we provide high quality dye that will enable you to dye all your petroleum based products so you can trace them easily. We offer a liquid dye that will colour your fuels BLUE.

When you dye your fuel using our product, it will make it far less re-saleable so potential thieves won’t be encouraged to steal from you and instead find other options.

By using our product, your employees will not want to use your company’s fuel for their personal use.

We offer assurance of quality, with a ratio of 40,000 to 1 that the product we use was developed exclusively for DYE DEPOT.

Companies have been using other ways to reduce or prevent fuel theft, such as:

1. Employing guards in the premises

This option may be effective however it is also expensive and is not always practical especially for small companies.

2. Using anti-siphon devices and gas caps

Such devices seem to be helpful as a preventive measure but some thefts know how to overcome them by using a cut valve or drill.

3. Re-enforcing tank covers

Using this technique may be able to slow down a thief but it’s only temporary. Besides, if the tanks and cut valves are damaged, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to repair or replace them.

4. Renting parking spaces

This can work but only to an extent. It’s also expensive and a lot of thieves do not get discouraged from stealing.

5. Illuminating parking spaces

It may help but energy costs can add up and some seasoned thieves are able to succeed nonetheless.

How Different Industries Prevent Fuel Theft

Fuel theft is a pervasive global issue and there are several remedies available however they only reduce the risks and are not always effective.

DYE DEPOT’s dye product is tailored to suit your specific needs and we offer safe, high quality dyes to ensure your fuel is protected.

The solution to fuel theft is to track the person/s doing and let all your employees know you are taking steps to stop it. Doing this can prevent future attempts of stealing.

  • With our dye, you’ll know if a particular fuel came from your stock tank.
  • You can reduce internal fuel theft incidences significantly.
  • Once added to your petroleum, it is already marked with a ratio of 40,000:1.

If you want to put an end to fuel theft in your company, use DYE DEPOT.