Frequently Asked Questions

Are your fuel dyes liquid or powder?
DYE DEPOT offers BLUE dye which is in liquid form. However, if you prefer powder dyes, we can provide you powder dyes in certain colours subject to minimum order. Please enquire using our Contact Form.

Do you offer invisible dyes?
Yes, we can offer invisible dyes/markers. These invisible markers can be detected upon application of our reagents and if needed, further testing in a laboratory will be done to provide firm evidence for any legal proceedings.

Is your dye product suitable for bio diesel?
Yes our product will dye biodiesel.

Is this product road legal?
The use of dyed diesel on the road is legal if you have paid duty for the fuel. Other legal uses of dyed diesel include:

  • Military fuel
  • Construction fuel
  • Heating fuel
  • Backup generator fuel
  • Ride-on mower fuel
  • Mining industry fuel

Are you able to offer other colours?

Will this dye any fuel blue?
Our dye product will turn any petrol and diesel blue.

Do you ship worldwide?
Absolutely. There are very few places in the world that we’re unable to ship to.

Do you offer covert markers?
Yes, we now offer invisible markers or covert markers that are also effective in deterring fuel theft.