About Us

The team behind DYE DEPOT has been involved in the transport industry for many years. Our management has been offering fuel transportation, transportation security products and other kinds of transportation fuel logistics to numerous companies in Europe and other parts of the globe.

We offer a product that has been specially formulated for fuel so as our client, you are assured that by using our product, you will be dyeing your diesel and petrol with a product that was made specifically for this purpose, and nothing else.

While other companies offer fuel marking products and commercial inks for their dyes, we provide nothing of the sort. You need to be very cautious about using commercial ink for your dyes because it has been known to cause issues like fuel blockage, unusual smoke, diesel pump failure, and others.

If you are looking for a high quality dye for your fuel, DYE DEPOT is a name you can trust. We have developed a dye made just for fuel. It will help you put an end to internal fuel theft AND it won’t cause any problems to your vehicles.