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Diesel Dyes, Petroleum Dyes for fuel theft – Say Goodbye to Fuel Theft!

In 2014, the Forecourt Crime Statistics Survey showed that fuel theft costs fuel retailers £31.4m an increase of 28% from 2012. Losses incurred due to NMOP (no means of payment) have more than doubled and drive-offs has shown an increase of 6.8%. The average loss for each service station in the United Kingdom was pegged at £3,600.

But this is not just a problem in the UK. Fuel theft is a global issue and the rising crude oil index, combined with the high rate of tax on fuel has made fuel theft a prevalent problem across the European union.

How Fuel Theft is Affecting Your Business

If your company’s fleet is being targeted by thieves when your vehicles are left unattended or even by unscrupulous employees looking to save money on their gasoline, then it’s going to hurt the financial side of your business.

But unfortunately, you simply cannot throw unsubstantiated accusations at people you suspect of stealing from you.

And this is where we can help.

What is diesel theft costing you?

Diesel stolen per week: Litres
Current price of diesel: £
Cost per week: £
Cost per year: £