Trade Size – Large bottle will dye 200,000 litres



Trade Size – Large bottle will dye 200,000 litres
Postage UK £49.99 – Non UK £59.99

All orders supplied with easy to use directions and special applicator.

For many years, we have watched companies lose money due to internal fuel theft. Sadly, many such companies do not even realize what’s causing their operating costs to shoot up.

The rising crude oil index has only made the situation worse. Fuel theft is not just an issue in the UK, but also throughout the European union and the rest of the world. The transportation industry is considered an easy target for these thieves and its prevalence continue to increase at an alarming rate.

If you suspect that your employees are stealing fuel from your source tank, you need to do something about it.

Our product will allow you to dye your fuel so that they can be easily traced. We use liquid dye that will color your fuel BLUE.

DYE DEPOT’s product will help you fight against fuel theft and it is an ideal and cost effective measure to stop this problem from happening within your company.

There are other measures being used by other companies such as the anti-syphone device but the problem is that if the thief has control of the fuel pump then they would still be able to take fuel from you. Others simply overfill the tank (a technique called skimming) thus they are able to steal fuel without being detected at all.

But with the product offered by DYE DEPOT, you don’t have to worry about such deceitful methods. Our dye will keep your employees from using your petroleum for their own personal gain.

We offer a ratio of 40,000:1 that you’re assured of a quality product that is made exclusively for DYE DEPOT offers.